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I have one a them Goldstar microwave ovens.I believe it is a 1996 model, with a revolving turntable?

I bought it at a Kmart in Charleston , West Virginia, which is where I am from, originally anyway. Well, there has always been something not quite right about that little white box on my kitchen counter. First the door button broke. It was ‘98, I believe.

And now it takes pert near 17 minutes to cook a Swanson TV dinner. How bout that? If they still put them dinners in them tin plates, I could almost cook it faster in the real oven. All I am saying is to AVOID GOLDSTAR.

Now I know they don’t make Goldstar anymore, but you might come across one at a flea market, or second hand store. Somebody might offer to give you one. Well don’t strain your back taken the god dammed thing home.

That is all I am saying.

Good Bye and good luck to you,



Los Angeles, California, United States #967870

I am sorry that you have had bad luck with your GoldStar because I was given one as a Christmas gift some years ago and this Christmas it will be celebrating it's 23rd year of ownership and still going strong. I'm not saying that I would purchase another (if they are still available) but I certainly have no complaints from this one! Thank you.

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #621520

Well, what do you expect it to last forever?Funny.

After 1970 everything is made overseas, so you get what you pay for. I had a Goldstar, but because it was cheap I thought a year or two would be fine. Five years at the most.

Heck, 17 years for a cheap microwave is a pretty good deal.:)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #619318

No they don't make Goldstar anymore. I don't think they make swanson TV dinners anymore either.Better check the date on that package lol. :x

Goldstar - Goldster, what a rip off!

Rapid City, South Dakota 6 comments
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I mailed three rings to Goldster via a MyPoints ad and received an offer of ridiculously low offer.I declined and asked that my jewelry be returned to me immediately but to no avail.

With many unanswered phone calls, including left messages, e-mails and complaints even with MyPoints.....I never received my rings back. In fact the offer via MyPoints was supposed to include a $25 bonus...the total offer was LESS than $25. This happened nine months ago and I still haven't received my rings back.

Please warn everyone NOT to send their gold into this company.Total Rip Off!



I am disgusted and dissapointed that since May 2011 I have been calling in wanting to get my jewelry back after getting a check for only $25 bucks..give me a break..a full envelope, sent the check back and still no jewelry or any calls returned...ready to file fraud charges if someone doesn't give me my jewelry back.


Okay, GoldRep, I've sent a message just like you suggested.....I sent your check back months ago....still waiting for either my jewelry or an acceptable payment. Please respond immediately.


We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.A customer service agent will be happy to help you resolve your issue.

Please email us anytime at!


I just want to "warn others" that "Prestige Gold Buyers" is run by one of the same people who ran the "Goldsters" company, which is "now out of business".


Are you serious?I sent back the check immediately.

Finally, I sent a certified letter for which I never received confirmation.No one ever picked up the phone when I tried calling multiple times.



Please return your check within 10 days to our processing address located in the Contact Us section of the site in order for a product return to be processed. Thank you very much.

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Goldstar - Goldster

Orange Beach, Alabama 8 comments
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I belong to My Points which provides what they advertise.They had a link deal sith Goldster to order an envelope to send in your gold, silver, etc.

and Goldster would send you a check. If you sent in gold you would recieve points from My Points to redeem on thier site. The information stated that if you were not satisfied with the check Goldster sent you, they would send you a check for $25.00 and your gold back. I thought that was fair.

I sent for the envelope and sent away for my reimbursement check from Goldster. The 1st check was for $10.00. I had sent in 5 pieces. I returned the check to Goldster and requested my jewelry back with the $25.00 as promised.

I then got a check for $30.95. I thought that was crazy I know what I sent was worth more than $31.00 and that would really mean they were only paying $5.00 difference because I was guaranteed at least $25.00.

I sent that check back requesting the $25.00 guaranteed payment and my jewelry back. It has been 3 weeks I haven't seen my jewelry or the $25.00 guaranteed check. I emailed My Points and they told me to get with Goldster.

There is no phone number on anything they sent in the mail nor on line. I don't think I will see my gold or the check.

I looked for reviews on line and there isn't but one person who has a personal blog on thier misfortune with Goldster.Not a happy camper at this time.



I suggest filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Hopefully if these unscrupulous people open another scam business, they'll be stopped before they strike too many victims. I'd really like to see these people do some jail time.


Please reach out to if you have any unresolved issues. We want to make sure everybody receives their payment - with the high volume we process on a daily basis, some packages are lost in the mail, delivered to wrong addresses or a possible error on our end. Thank you.


We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.A customer service agent will be happy to help you resolve your issue.

Please email us anytime at!


Don't even cash the check, IT WILL BOUNCE! and you will be stuck with the returned check fee and the bank will take that measly amount of *** cash back out of your account. I sent them 20 items because I needed the cash for school and when i never got it, I had to drop out!

Oh and the check has to be returned within 10 days, REP? BS! That check was dated and I didn't get it until the end of January well past 10 days. This is a horrible company to deal with. Never again will I deal with you ***. Go to Kay at least they are honest and show you your items being unpacked

Wiseman, Arkansas, United States #255769

I not only sent the check back I sent a copy of the envelope which showed the post mark.Your comment REP is not true.

GOLDSTER is a rip off and they still have my gold!This is now going on 4 months.


Goldster promised to send me cash for my gold.They sent me an envelope which I put 19 pcs of gold in and mailed to the company.

I have tried on numberous occations to contact them by phone and email. I have not received a reply. I have been trying to reach them since December 2010. At this poiint I will take my gold back if they do not want to pay me for it.

I have had NO replies from the company so now I am nervous that I will not get my gold back.I have been sending my requests to to no avail.I tried to get the BBB involved however, they didn't have any luck either.

I am really ticked off!!MY POINTS blew this one!


Goldster is a scam.Do not send your items to them.

I refused their pathetic offer by returning the pitifully small check they sent me. They have not returned my jewelry and it has been well over a month since I returned my check. Do yourself a favor and avoid Goldster at all costs.

Use a local company which provides these services so you can accept or refuse the offer in person.Don't get scammed as I did.

Le Cannet, Provence-Alpes-Cote D'azur, France #215940

The Goldster return policy states that checks must be returned within 10 days of the date printed on them. We hope this helps.

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